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In this question below is given a passage followed by several inferences. you have to examine each inference seperately in the context of the passage and decide upon its degree of truth or falsity. Mark your answr as :
(a) If the inference is definitely true i.e. it direclty follows from the facts given in the passage
(b) if the inference is probably true though out definitely true in the light of the facts given
(c] If you think the data are inadequate from the facts given you can not say whether the inference is likely to be true or false .
(d) If you think the inference is probably false though out definitely false in the light of the facts given
(e) If you think the inference is definitely false i.e. it contradicts the given facts
A survey in India indicated that in the core section of the companies which were analyzed the compensation package for executives was divided into several fringe benefit groups. The number of items included in it rose as one ascended the management hiearchy . In many companies provision was made for transportation and medical and housing assistance. A few company also provided for children's education or permitted family allowance. Some of them have now adopted a specialized approached called the "cafeteria approach" in salary fixation. What is sought here is that the benefits must meet an executive's needs. Therefore an appropriate selection has to be made of the benefits in terms of his needs after consultiing him. Thus this approach would individualize the system as the final choice is left to the executive concerned.
While designing the compensation package for executives certain companies try to establish a match between needs and benefits.

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(a) Definitely true

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