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State the bond order and indicate whether the species is paramagnetic
CN (b) CN (c ) CNΘ (d) No .

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CN Total number of e's=6+71=12
Remaining pe's=128=4
Bond order =12(40)=2
Number of unpaired e's=0 therefore diagmagnetic
CN Total electrons =6+7=13
Remaining pe's=138=5
Bond order =12(50)=25
Number of unpaired e's=1 therefore paramagnetic
( c) CNΘ Total electrons =6+7+1=14
Remaining Nb=6,Na=0
Bond order =12(60)=3
Number e's Zero, therefore, diamagnetic
(d) NO: Total electrons =7+8=15
Remaining pe's=158=7
Bond order =12(61)=2.5
Number of unpaired e's 1, therefore paramagnetic .

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