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In the disintegration of a radioactive element, α- and β-particles are evolved from the nucleus.
.0n1.1H1+.1e0+ Antineutrino + Energy
4.1H1.2He4+2.+1e0+ Energy
Then, emission of these particles changes the nuclear configuration and results into a daughter nuclide. Emission of an α-particles results into a daughter element having atomic number lowered by 2 and mass number by 4, on the other hand, emission of a β-particle yields an element having atomic number raised by 1.
A radioactive element belongs to IIIB group, it emits ona α- and β-particle to form a daughter nuclide. The position of daughter nuclide will be in









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The correct Answer is:A

Group displacement law

Updated on:21/07/2023

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