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The solubility of Ag2C2O4 at 25C is 1.20×1011. A solution of K2C2O4 containing 0.15mol in 500mL water is mixed with excess of Ag2CO3 till the following equilibrium is established:
At equilibrium, the solution constains 0.03mol of K2CO3. Assuming that the degree of dissociation of K2C2O4 and K2CO3 to be equal, calculate the solubility product of Ag2CO3. [Take 100% ionisation of K2C2O4 and K2CO3]

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Initial [K2C2O4]=0.150.5=0.30M=P
and Final [K2CO3]=0.030.5=0.006M=x
1molK2CO31molK2C2O4 and since both are completely ionised.
Now find [Ag] at equilibrium as:
[Ag]= KspofAg2C2O4[C2O24]
Now, KspofAg2CO3=[Ag]2[CO23]
Ksp of Ag2CO3=(7.07×106)2×0.06=3×1012

Updated on:21/07/2023

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