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For A+BC, the equilibrium concentration of A and B at a temperature are 15molL1. When volume is doubled the reaction has equilibrium concentration of A as 10molL1, calculate
a. Kc

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The correct Answer is:A, B, C

A+BCIConc at 11515aequilibrium(Volume in VL)IIConc when Vis doubled152152a2(Volume is 2VL)
Since on increasing volume, pressure decreases and the reaction proceeds in the direction where it shows an increase in moles, i.e. backward reaction.
Conc at II equilibrium
Kc=[C][A][B]=[a252][152+52][152+52] ...(i) for (II equilibrium)
Kc=[C][A][B]=a15×15 ...(ii) for (I equilibrium)
Kc are same.
(a5)/210×10=a15×15 a=45M
Now Kc=4515×15=0.2mol1L+1

Updated on:21/07/2023

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