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50mL of 0.2MHCl,50mL of 0.2NH2SO4, and 200mL of 0.2MBa(OH)2 are mixed together and the volume was made to 1L by adding H2O. What is the final concentration of the solution, and what is the nature of the final solution: acidic, basic or neutral?

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In this case, strong acids and strong bases are mixed. Equal amount of mili equivalents of acid and base will neutralise. Concentrations of HCl and Ba(OH)2 are in molarties, they have to the converted to normalitites as concentration of H2SO4 is given in normality.
Total acids =50×0.2×1+50×0.2×1 ltbgt =10+10=20mEq
Total base =200×0.2×2 (n factor)
Since 20 mEq of acid would neutralise 20 mEq of base, thus,
Base left =8020=60mEq
Total volume of solution =1L=1000mL
So, final concentration of solution =mEqmL=601000=0.06N
Final resulting mixture of solution is basic, since 60 mEq of strong base is left.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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