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A rectangular metallic bar one metre long, one cm deep and one cm broad is placed on a smooth table. The Young's modulus and modulus of rigidity of metal of the bar are 2×1011N/m2 and 8×1010N/m2 respectively.
If now the base of the bar is rigidly clamped to the table, how will you apply a force of 500N, to produce shearing strain in the bar? Calculate the angle of deformation and the horizontal displacement produced in the top layer of the bar.

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Rigidity modulus = n=8×1010N/m2
To produce shearing strain force must be applied tangentially on the top surface of the bar.
Angle of deformation =θ=?
n=FAθ,θ=FnA,Here A=1×1×102=102m2
θ=FnA=50008×1010×102=0.25×105 radian
Displacement in the top layer of the bar
=x= Depth ×θ

Updated on:21/07/2023

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