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A body of mass 2.0 kg initially at rest is moved by a horizontal force of 0.50 N on a smooth table. Find the work done by the force in 8.0 s and show that this equals the change in the kinetic energy of the body.

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Acceleration a=Fm=0.502.0=0.25 ms2
Distance travelled in 8 s is,
s=0+12×(0.25)×(8)2=8.0 m
So w=F.s=0.50×8.0=4.0J
Let v be the speed of the body after 8.0 s. Then v=u+at
=0+(0.25)×(8.0)=2.0 ms1
The kinetic energy of the body after 8.0 s is :
The initial kinetic energy was zero. Therefore change in kinetic energy,

Updated on:21/07/2023

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