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show that [(3+1)2n]+1 is divisible by 2n+1
nN , where [.] denote the greatest integer function .

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Let x=(+1)2n=[x]+f …(i)
where , 0f<1
and (31)2n=f' …(ii)
whre , 0<f'<1
On adding Eqs .(i) and (ii), we get
[x]+f+f'=2n+1k , where k is an integer ....(iii)
Hence, (f + f') is an integer .
i.e. f+f'=1[0<(f+f')<2]
From Eq .(iii), we get
[(3+1)2n]+1 divisible by 2n+1nN .

Updated on:21/07/2023

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