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Prove that 32n+24n1 is divisible by 32 .

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Let P(n)=32n+24n1
Step I For n=1,
P(1)=32×1+24×11=32+241=9+241=32, which is divisible by 32.
Therefore , the result is true for n=1
Step II Assume that the result is true for n=k, then P(k)=32k+24k1 is divsible by 32.
P(k)=32r, where r is an integer .
Step III For n=k+1,
which is divisible by 32 , as 9r6k+1 is an integer . Therefore , P(k+1) is divisible by 32. divisible by 32. Hence , by the principle of mathematical induction P(n) is divisible by 32, nN.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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