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Dry indehiscent single-seeded fruit formed from bicarpellary syncarpous inferior ovary is









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The correct Answer is:B

Cypsela is dry indehiscent single seeded fruit that develops from unilocular, single ovulate inferior ovary of bicarpellary syncarpous gynoecmm possessing basal placentation. The fruit wall develops from pericarp and thalamus and is the and remains attached to the seed at one pomt, e.g. Helianthus.
Caryopsis is dry indehiscent, small, single seeded fruit develop from unilocular, single ovuled, supenor ovary of multicarpellary gynoecium It differs from typical achenes as their pericarp is completely fused with the seed coat testa, e.g. Poaceae
Cremocarp are bilocular and two seeded schizocarpic fruits (small, dry) developed from inferior ovary of bicarpellary, syncarpous gynoecmm possessing persistant stylopodium, e.g. Apiaceae.
Berry is a fleshy, indehiscent few to multiseeded fruit derived from multicarpellary syncarpous gynoecium. The fleshy pericarp of berry consists of epicarp, mesocarp and endocarp.

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