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What is artificial insemination ? Mention two ways in which it is useful in breeding of dairy animals.

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Artificial insemination is done to get better variety of animals. In this method semen from the desired type of animal (e.g., bull) is collected and preserved by chemical methods or freezing. This preserved semen is then injected into the genital tract of the chosen cow during its maximum fertility period. Normal reproductive process then occurs and the progeny thus obtained is a hybrid of desired characters.
Usefulness in breeding animals :
(i) It is economical as semen from a desired animal e.g., bull can be transported to far away places while transporting the animal is not easy.
(ii) Semen of healthy males can be used to inseminate a number of females.
(iii) Spread of diseases can be controlled.
(iv) Helps to improve a particular breed and is easy to store.
(v) It reduces the cost of transporation and can be used at convenient place and time.