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Derive an expression for intensity of electric field are a point in broadside position or on an equatorial line of an electric dipole.

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Suppose that the point P is situated on the right bisector of the dipole AB at a distance r metre from its mid-point [Fig. (a)].
Let E1andE2 be the magnitudes of the intensities of the electric field at P due to the charges + q and - 2 of the dipole respectively. The distance of P from each charge is r2+l2. Therefore,
E1=14πε0q(r2+l2) away from +q
and E2=14πε0q(r2+l2). towards -q
The magnitudes of E1andE2 are equal t(but direction are different). On resolving E1andE2 into two components perpendicular to AB (E1sinθandE2sinθ) cancel other (beucse they are equal and opposite), while the components par4allel to AB (E1cosθE2cosθ). being in the same direction, add up [Fig.(b)]. Hence, the resultant intensity of electric field at the point P is
Now, from figure (a),
But 2ql=p (moment of electric dipole)
The direction of electric field E is .antiparallel to the dipole axis.
If r is very large compared to 2l(r>>2l), then l2 may be neglected in comparison to r2. Then, the electric field intensity at the point P due to the dipole is
E=14πε0pr3 Newton//Coulomb

Updated on:21/07/2023

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