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100g of liquid A (molar mass 140g mol1) was dissolved in 1000g of liquid B (molar mass 180g mol1). The vapour pressure of pure liquid B was found to be 500 torr. Calculate the vapour pressure of pure liquid A and its vapour pressure in the solution If the total vapour pressure of the solution is 475 torr.

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Number of moles of A,
nA=100g140 g mol1=0.714 mol
Number of moles of B,
nB=1000g180g mol1=5.555 mol
Total number of moles of A and B
Mole fraction of A, xA=0.7146.269=0.114
Mole fraction B,xB=5.5556.269=0.886
Vapour pressure of pure A, p0A=?
Vapour pressure of pure B, p0B=500 torr
Ptotal=475 torr
According to Raoult.s law :
475 torr =p0A×0.114+500×0.886=pA×0.114+443 torr
p0A×0.114=(475443)torr = 32 torr
Vapour pressure of A in solution, pA=32 torr
Vapour pressure of pure A, p0A=320.114=280 torr

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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