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The standard enthalpy of formation of NH3 is -46.0 kJ mol1. If the enthalpy of formation of H2 from its atoms is -436 kJ mol and that of N2 is -712 kJ mol, the average bond enthalpy of N - H bond in NH3 is









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The correct Answer is:B


Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Bond dissociation enthalpies of H2(g)andN2(g) are 426.0 kJ mol1 and 941.8 kJ mol1, respectively, and enthalpy of formation of NH3(g) is 46 kJ mol1. What are the enthalpy of atomisation of NH3(g) and the average bond enthalpy of NH bond respectively ( in kJ mol1)?

    A1170.9, 390.3
    B117, 300
    C300, 200
    D2000, 1975
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    The enthalpy of solution of sodium chloride is 4kJmol1 and its enthalpy of hydration of ion is 784kJmol1. Then the lattice enthalpy of NaCl (in kJmol1) is

    Aa. +780 kJ mol1
    Bb. +394 kJ mol1
    Cc. +788 kJ mol1
    Dd. +398 kJ mol1