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The law of multiple proportions was proposed by








Gay Lussac.

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The correct Answer is:B


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Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Chemical equation is balanced according to the law of multiple proportions reciprocal proportions conservation of mass definite proportions.

    Amultiple proportions
    Breciprocal proportions
    Cconservation of mass
    Ddefinite proportions.
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    Which of the following statements indicates that law of multiple proportion is being followed?

    AAn element forms two oxides, XO and XO2 containing 50% and 60% oxygen respectively. The ratio of masses of oxygen which combines with 1 g of element is 2 : 3.
    BHydrogen sulphide contains 5.89% hydrogen, water contains 11.1% hydrogen and sulphur dioxyde contains 50% oxygen.
    C3.47 g of BaCl2 reacts with 2.36g of Na2SO4 to give 3.88 of BaSO4 and 1.95 g of NaCl.
    D20mL of ammonia gives 10 volumes of N2 and 30 volumes of H2 at constant temperature and pressure.
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    The law of limiting factors was proposed by

    AR. Emerson
    BRobert Hill
    CD. Amon
    DF.F. Blackman

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