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Radioactive decay is a first order process. Radioactive carbon in wood sample decays with a half life of 5770 years. What is the rate constant ( in years ) for the decay ? What fraction would remains after 11540 years ?

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We have λ=0.6932t12
=0.69325770=1.2×104 per year
Further, as the duration of 11540 years is just the double of t12 (i.e., 5770 years) we can find out the fraction remained after 11540 years without using equation (24) as follows: After 5770 years, half of the substance would remain and after another 5770 years (i.e., a total of 11540 years) half of the half would remain, i.e., one fourth would remain after 11540 years.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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