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The edge of a cube is measured using a vernier callipers. [9 divisions of the main scale is equal to 10 divisions of the vernier scale and 1 main scale dividsion is 1mm]. The main scale division reading is 10 and 1st division of vernier scale was found to be coinciding with the main scale. The mass of the cube is 2.736g. Calculate the density in g/cm3 upto correct significant figures.

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The correct Answer is:B, C

We have,
Least count of vernier callipers
= 1mm10=0.1mm=0.01cm
Side of cube =(10)(1mm)+(1)(LC)
or a=10mm+0.1mm
or a=10.1mm
or a=1.01cm
= 2.736(1.01)3
= 2.66g/cm3.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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