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Gametophyte is a dominant phase in the life cycle of a bryophyte. Explain. 

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•In life cycle of bryophytes gametophytic stage is haploid and multicellular at adult stage. It possesses male reproductive organ antheridia and female reproductive organ archegonia and this way produces haploid antherozoids and female gamete.
In moss, liverwort and homwort anthoserotepsy, gametophyte is a main dominant phase and thus it is very well known stage in life cycles of bryophytes. Gamete of mosses arises from haploid spores. The initial stage of Moss is protonema.
  Protonema develops into main body thallus of bryophytes. It is thallus like or prostrate and erect and attached to the substratum by unicellular or multicellular rhizoids. They may possess root like, stem like, leaf like structures.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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