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A stick has a length of 12.132 cm and another stick has a length of 12.4 cm.
If the two sticks are placed end to end , what is their total length ?
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(a) Let lengths of the sticks are named as l1=12.132cm,l2=12.4cm
Here l2 has one decimal place and l1 has to be rounded off to have only two decimal places
This is to be rounded off to have one decimal place only
The total length is 24.5cm
(b) l1=12.132,l2=12.4
Here 12.4 has only decimal place and hence 12.132 shoudl have only two decimal places.
This should be rouned off to have only one decimal place
Hence difference of their lengths is 0.3cm

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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