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Explain the uses of common ion effect.

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In purification of NaCl : To remove the impurities of Na2SO4,MgSO4 from NaCl solution HCl gas is passed in solution of NaCl so ppts of NaCl obtained by common ion effect.
To separate soap from solution : Soap is a sodium salt of fatty acid if NaCl is added to solution of fatty acid Na+ ion is common ion so soap is separated as solid.
As Na+ is common ion so the reaction processed in reverse direction and solid soap is separately . This is called salting process.
In quantitatively analysis : if Ksp is less than complete precipitation is carried out.
(i)For complete precipitation of BaSO4 excess H2SO4 is added .
(ii)For precipitation of Ag+ as AgCl excess NaCl is used.
(iii) For precipitation of Fe3+ as Fe(OH)3 excess OH is maintain.
(iv)In quantitatively analysis selective precipitation of reaction is carried on to by common ion effect.
Qualitative analysis : In qualitative analysis Ag+,Hg+ precipitate as chloride by HCl.
e.g.-1 : In group II Cu+2,Cd2+ have Ksp less for their precipitation [S2] must be less so HCl + H2S is added . As a common ion effect of H+ the concentration of S2 remain less and it is limited for CuS,CdS.
e.-2 : In group III A Fe2+,Fe3+,Al3+,Cr3+ ions are precipitation out as hydroxide. For that OH must be controlled so first NH4Cl is added and than NH4OH is added so as the common ion effect of NH+4 the concentration of [OH] decreases so only IIIA precipitated. [Qsp>Ksp] .
eg.-3 : Group-III B Ni2+,Co2+,Zn2+,Mn2+NH4Cl,NH4OH and H2S successful added so NH+4 increase and [OH] decrease with that help H+ of H2S increase and hence [S2] is more Qsp>Ksp sulphite of positive ion precipitated .
(v) In drugs , cosmetic , fertilizers, by use of common ion effect pH is maintain .

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