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Mention various (any four) energy losses in a transformer.

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Possible causes of energy losses in transformers are as follows:
(i) Flux leakage : There is always some leakage of magnetic flux. It can be reduced by winding the primary and secondary coils one over the other.
(ii) Resistance of the windings : The wires used for the windings have some resistance and hence some energy is lost due to heat produced in wire. It can be minimised by taking thick insulated copper wire for windings.
(iii) Eddy currents : The alternating magnetic flux induces eddy currents in iron core, which results loss of electrical energy. To minimise it we use a laminated iron core.
(iv) Hysteresis: As the magnetisation cycle of iron core is repeated again and again some loss of energy takes place due to magnetic hysteresis. To minimise it we prefer a soft iron core for which hysteresis loss is less.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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