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Ortho and para - nitrophenols are more acidic than phenol. Draw the resonance structures of the corresponding phenoide ions.

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The resonance structures of o - and p- nitrophenoxide ions and phenoxide ion are shown below :
Due to R effect of the NO2 group, o- and p - nitrophenoxide ions are more stable than phenodie ion. Also there are additional resonance structures, III and IX, which add to the stability of the phenoxide ion. As a result, o - and p - nitrophenols are more acidic than phenol.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Ortho and para-nitrophenols are separated by which of the following method?

  • Question 1 - Select One

    Assertion (A) p-nitrophenol is more acidic than phenol.
    Reason (R) Nitro group helps in the stabilisation of the phenoxide ion by dispersal of negative charge due to resonance.

    AAssertion and reason both are correct and reason is correct explanation of assertion.
    BAssertion and reason both are wrong statements.
    CAssertion is correct statement but reason is wrong statement.
    DAssertion is wrong statement but reason is correct statement.

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