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The number of atoms present in one mole of an element is equal to Avogadro number. Which of the following elements contains the greatest number of atoms ?


4 g He


46 g Na


0.4 g Ca


12 g He

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(a) 1 mol of He = 4g = NA atoms
or 4 g of He 44mol=1NA atom
(b) 1 mole of Na = 23g = NA atoms
[ no. of moles=given massatomic mass
46g of Na =4623 mol =4623NA atoms =2NA atoms
(c) 1 moles of Ca = 40 g =NA atoms
0.40g of Ca =0.4040 mol =0.4040NA atoms
=0.01NA atoms
(d) 1 mole of He = 4g =NA atoms
12g of He =124 mol =124NA atoms =3NA atoms

Updated on:21/07/2023

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