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Which of the following statements about Euglena is correct?


Euglena is a flagellate organism.


Euglena when placed in continous darkness, loses its photosynthetic activity and dies.


The pigments of Euglena are quite different from those of green plants.


Euglena is a marine protist.

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The correct Answer is:A

Euglenoids are unicellular flagellate protists commonly found in freshwater ponds, pools and moist mud. Though the euglenoids are photosynthetic in the presence of the light, when deprived of sunlight they behave like heterotophs by predating on smaller organisms (holozoic) or feeding on organic remains (saprobic). Such a mode of nutritions is called mixotrophic. Photosynthetic pigments of euglenoids are identical to those present in higher plants, e.g. chl a and chl b.