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Members of Phycomycetes are found in :
(i) Aquatic habitats
(ii) On decaying wood
(iii) Moist and damp places
(iv) As obligate parasites on plants.
Choose form the following options. 
(A) (i) and (iv)
(B) (ii) and (iii)
(C) All of these
(D) None of these
Solution in Gujrati


(i) and (iv)


(ii) and (iii)


All of these


None of these

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The correct Answer is:C

Phycomycetes is the group of fungi which is characterized by aseptate and coenocytic mycelium. They can live in a wide variety of habitat. They can be aquatic or saprotrophic or parasitic or could be living in moist and damp places. Some examples of phycomycetes are Rhizopns (black bread mould), Mucor (dung mould), Albugo (parasitic fungi).

Updated on:21/07/2023

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