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Consider a hydrogen-like atom whose energy in nth excited state is given by En=13.6Z2n2
When this excited atom makes transition from excited state to ground state most energetic photons have energyEmax = 52.224eV and least energetic photons have energy Emin = 1.223eV. find the atomic number of atom and the state of excitation.
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Maximum energy is liberated for transition En 1 and minimum energy for EnEn1
Hence, E1n2E1 = 52.224eV ... (1)
and E1n2E1(n1)2= 1.224 e V .... (2)
Solving above equations simultaneously, we get E1=-54.4eV and n = 5
Now E1=13.6Z212 = - 54.4eV.
Hence , Z = 2 i.e, gas is helium originally excited to n = 5 energy state.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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