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I II(A)िI=sinxcosx|sinxcosx|dx , (p)sinxπ4<x<3π8, I (B)िx2(x3+1)(x3+2)dx=13f(x3+1x3+2)+C,(q)x+c, f(x) (C)िsin1x.cos1xdx=f1(x)(r)ln|x|[π2xxf1(x)21x2]+π21x2+2x+C,, f(x) (D)िdxxf(x)=f(f(x))+C , f(x) (s)sin1x(t)x+c

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The correct Answer is:Aq;Br;Cp;Dr


Step by step video, text & image solution for {:(,"कॉलम I",,"कॉलम II"),((A),"यदि"I = int (sin x-cos x)/(|sin x - cos x|) "dx हो, जहाँ",(p),sin x),(,(pi)/(4) lt x lt (3pi)/(8) "हो, तो I बराबर है",,),((B),"यदि" int (x^(2))/((x^(3) + 1) (x^(3) + 2))dx = (1)/(3)f((x^(3)+1)/(x^(3)+2))+C",",(q),x + c),(,"हो, तो f(x) बराबर है",,),((C),"यदि"int sin^(-1)x.cos^(-1)xdx = f^(-1) (x),(r),l n |x|),(,[(pi)/(2) x - x f^(-1) (x) - 2 sqrt(1-x^(2))] + (pi)/(2) sqrt(1 - x^(2))+2x + C",",,),(,"हो, तो f(x) बराबर है",,),((D),"यदि" int (dx)/(x f(x)) = f(f(x)) + "C हो, तब f(x) बराबर है",(s),sin^(-1) x),(,,(t),-x + c):} by Maths experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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