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If D,GandR denote respectively the number of degrees, grades and radians in an angle, then (a) D100=G90=2Rπ (b) D90=G100=Rπ (c) D90=G100=2Rπ (d) D90=G100=R2π

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We know,
90=1 right angle
D=D90 right angles
θ=D90 right angles(1)
Now, 100g=1 right angle
Gg=G100 right angles
θ=G100 right angles(2)
Now, π radians =2 right angle
R radians =2Rπ right angles
θ=2Rπ right angles(3)
From (1),(2)and(3),
So, option - (c) is the correct option.