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(a) In reference to Freundlich adorption isotherm write the expression for adsorption of gases on solids in the form of an equation.
(b) Write an important characteristic of lyophilic solc.
(c) Based on type of particles of dispersed phase, give one example each of associated colloid and multimolecular colloid.

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(a) Freundlich adsorption isotherm for adsorption of gases on solids : xm=Kp1/m . Where 'x' is the mass of the adsorbate, is the mass of the absorbent and p is the pressure of the gas and n is a constant which is greater than 1/
(b) Lyophilic sols are sols that are solvent attracting. An important characteristic of these sols is that if the dispersion medium is speparated from the dispersion phase by any method, the sol can be reconstituted by simply remixing the two again. That is why these sols are also known as raversible sols ans can not be coagulated.
(c) Example of associated collooid : Soap solution, Example of multimolecular colloid : Gold sol.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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