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If x+y+z=0 prove that |xaybzcyczaxbzbxcyay|=xyz|abccabbca|

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The correct Answer is:N/a

Since x+y+z=0 also we have to prove
∣ ∣ ∣xaybzcyczaxbzbxcya∣ ∣ ∣=xyz∣ ∣abccabbca∣ ∣
LHS=∣ ∣ ∣xaybzcyczaxbzbxcya∣ ∣ ∣
=xyza3x3abcy3abc+b3xyz+c3xyzz3abc =xyz(a3+b3+c3)abc(x3+y3+z3)
Now RHS=xyz∣ ∣abccabbca∣ ∣=xyz∣ ∣a+b+cbca+b+caba+b+cca∣ ∣[C1C1+C2+C3]
=xyz(a+b+c)∣ ∣1bc1ab1ca∣ ∣ [taking (a+b+c) common from C1]
=xyz(a+b+c)∣ ∣0bcca0acba1ca∣ ∣
Expanding along C1 [R1R1R3 and R2R2R3]
From Eqs i and ii
∣ ∣ ∣xaybzcyczaxbzbxcya∣ ∣ ∣=xyz∣ ∣abccabbca∣ ∣ Hence proved.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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