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Explain the mechanism of photosynthesis.

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The process by which green plants make their own food in the form of glucose from CO2andH2O by using sunlight energy in the presence of chlorophyll , is called photosynthesis. Oxygen gas is released during photosynthesis . It can releasented as .
The process takes place in the green leaves of a plants glucose in the following steps
(i) Sunlight energy is absorbed by chloropgyll (green pigment present in leaves).
(ii) This light energy is converted into chemical energy.
(iii) water molecule is splitted into hydrogen and oxygen , Water required is taken from the soil , It is transported to the leaves from the soil through the roots and stem. The oxygen gas produced as aby product goes into the air.
(iv) The hydrogen released during the above reaction is utilised for reduction of CO2 to form carbohydrate (glucose) by utilising the chemical energy . The CO2 enters the leaves from the air through tiny pores called stomata.
(v) The extra glucose is stored as starch in the leaves of the plant.