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Assuming an electron is confined to a 1nm wide region, find the wavelength in momentum using Heisenberg Uncertainty principal (ΔxΔph). You can assume the uncertainty in position Δx and 1nm. Assuming pΔp, find the energy of the electron in electron volts.

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Here, Δx=1nm=109m,Δp=?
Energy, E=p22m=(Δp)22m [pΔp]

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Assuming an electron is confined to a 1 nm wide region. Find the uncertainty in momentum using Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
    (Take h=6.63×1034Js)

    A1.05×1025kg m s1
    B2.03×1031kg m s1
    C3.05×1034kg m s1
    D3.05×1032kg m s1

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