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Write whether the square of any positive integer can be of the form 3m+2, where m is a natural number. Justify answer.

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No, by Euclid's lemma, b=aq+r,0ra Here b, is any positive integer, =3,b=3q+rfor0r2
So, any positive integer is of the form 3k,3k+1or3k+2
Now, (3k)2=9k2=3m[wherem=3k^(2)]<br>and(3k+1)^(2)=9k^(2)+6k+1<br>3(3k^(2)+2k)+1=3m+1 ["where"m=3k^(2)+2k]<br>Also,(3k+2)^(2)=9k^(2)+12k+4 [therefore (a+b)^(2)=a^(2)+2ab+b^(2)]<br>=9k^(2)+12k+3+1<br>3(3k^(2)+4k+1)+1<br>=3(3k^(2)+4k+1)+1<br>=3m+1[where,m=3k^(2)+4k+1]
Which is the form of 3m and 3m+1. Hence square of any positive number cannot be of the form 3m+2.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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