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Which of the following statement is not correct ?


Some tranquilizers function by inhibiting the enzymes which catalyse the degradation of noradrenaline


Tranquiiizers are narcotic drugs


Tranquilizers are chemical compounds that do not affect the message transfer fro nerve to receptor.


Tranquilizers are chemical compounds that can relieve pain and fever

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The correct Answer is:A

Tranquillizers are used for the treatment of stress, fetigue , mild and severe mental dieases. They relieve anziety, stress, irritability or excitement by including a sense of well -being. Noradrenaline is one of the several neutransmitters which play an important role in mood changes.
If the level of noradrenaline in the body is low for some reasons, then the message transfer proess becomes slow and the person suffe from depression. In such cases, antidepressant drugs are used. These drugs inhibits the enzymes which catalyses the degradation of noradrenaline.
If the enzyme is inhibited, then the neurotansmitter noradrenaline is slowly metabolised and can thus activite the receptor for longer periods there by counteracting the effect of depression. Tranquillzers form an essential component of sleeping pills.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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