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Suggest some preventive measures for the diseases of poultry birds.

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(i) Care for the Layers . There are following two distinct phases in the life of a layer
(a) Growing Period . The first phase of the life of poultry (i.e., the layer) is growing period (upto sexual maturity). During this period the chickens are called growers. The growers require enough spece. overcrowding tends to suppress. their growth . the feeds is given in a restricted and calculated manner. ,
(b) Laying Period . The period from sexual maturity till the end of egg laying is called laying Period and the chickens are known as eggers or layers. the layers require enough spece and adequate lighting .
Light's intesity nad its duration has favourable effect on the laying output of the hens. Feed with vitamins minerals and micronutrients also influence sufficient fat. in the poultry feed. the contents of vitamin A and K are kept high.

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