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Deciduous plants shed their leaves during hot summer of in autumn. This process of shedding of leaves is called abscission. Apart from physiological changes what anatomical mechanism is involved in the abscission of leaves.

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The process of shedding of leaves during hot summer or in autumn by deciduous plants is known as abscission. Anatomically, the cells of abscission zone are thin-walled and without deposition of lignin or suberin
At the time of abscission, the middle lamella may dissolve between the cells of two middle layers but the primary wall remain intact. The middle lamella as well as the primary walls of the adjacent cells is dissolved. Ultimately the whole cells of middle layer found in the abscission layer gets dissolve completely
Thus, there is separation of plant organ, i.e., leaf from the plant, whereever there is rainfall or wind.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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