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a) Discuss the significance/applications of dipole moment.
b) Represent diagrammatically the bond moments and the resultant dipole moment in CO2,NF3 and CHCl3

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The correct Answer is:a

a) The applications of dipole moment are
i) The dipole moment helps to predict whether a molecules is polar or non-polar. As μ=q×d, greater isthe magnitude of dipole moment, higher will be the polarity of the bond. For non-polar molecules, the dipole moment is zero.
ii) The percentage of ionic character can be calculated as
Percentage of ionic character =μobservedμionic×100
iii) Symmetrical molecules have zero dipole moment although they have two or more polar bonds (in determination of symmetry).
iv) It helps to distinguish between cis and trans isomes. Usually cis-isomer has higher dipole moment than trans-isomer.
v) It helps to distinguish between orth, meta and parta isomers. Dipole moment of para isomer is zero. Dipole moment of ortho isomer is greater than that of meta isomer.
b) ocr_image