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 A spaceship is stationed on Mars. How much energy must be expended on the spaceship to launch it out of the solar system ? Mass of the spaceship = 1000 kg, mass of the sun =2×1030kg, mass of mars =6.4×1023kg, radius of mars = 3395 km, radius of the orbit of mars =2.28×108km,G=6.67×1011Nm2kg2 Solution in Gujrati

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Mass of sun M =2×1030kg
Mass of planet mars m =6.4×1023kg
Mass of spaceship Δm=1000kg
Orbital radius of planet mars r0=2.28×1011m
Radius of mars r=3.395×106m
Suppose, orbital velocity of planet mars is v, M
Centripetal force = Gravitational force of sun
mv2r0=GMmr20 ....(1)
Since the velocoity of spaceship is same as the velocity of mars, hence the kinetic energy of spaceship [ Spaceship is stationary at mars]
=12ΔmGMr0 [ From equ (1) ]
{Total potential energy of spaceship V} = {Potential energy due to gravitation field of mars} + {Potential energy due to gravitation field of sun}
Total energy of spaceship,
E = K + V
Negative sign indicates that spaceship is in the bound state of solar system. Hence, to escape from solar system necessary energy required is  3.1×1011J.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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