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Obtain relation between coefficient of volume expansion (αV) and coefficient of linear expansion (αl). Solution in Gujrati

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Suppose there is a cube of side of length .l.. When its temperature is increased by ΔT, it expands equally in all dimensions.
Hence from V=l3
But (Δl)2 and (Δl)3 are much more less than l, hence by neglecting them
ΔV=3l2Δl . . .(1)
But, from linear expansion.
Δl=αllΔT . . .(2)
By using value of equation (1) in equation (2),
ΔV=3VαlΔT . . .(3)
(l3= volume of cube)
By comparing equation (3) with general equation of volume expansion ΔV=αVVΔT.
αV=3αl which is relation between coefficient of volume and linear expansion.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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