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1.575 gm of organic acid was dissolved in 250ml of water 20ml of this solution required 16 ml of N/8 alkali solution for completely neutralization. (M. wt of acid is 126) the basicity of acid isSolution in Telugu

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The correct Answer is:2

16ml N8 alkali solution = 20ml of acid solution
2ml 1 N alkali solution = 20ml of acid solution
? = 250 ml of acid solution
% 25ml IN of alkali solution obtained
25ml 1N of alkali solution .......... 1.575grams of acid
1000ml 1 N alkali solution ........?
1.57525×1000 grams of acid
equalant Acid = 63
Molecular weight of acid = equivalent acid×valancy
valancy = 2 126 = 63X valancy

Updated on:21/07/2023

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