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The fuel used in a steam engine is




carbon dioxide


carbon monoxide


none of these

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The correct Answer is:D


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Updated on:21/07/2023

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    The fuel used in Belgion process is

    Awater gas
    Bproducer gas
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    A rocket is intended to leave the Earth's garvitational field.The fuel in its main engine is a little less than the amount that is necessary and an auxliary engine, (only capable of operating for a short time) has to be used as well.When is it best to switch on the auxiliary engine?

    Aat take off
    BWhen the rocket has nearly stopped with respect to the Earth
    CIt doesn't matter.
    DCan't say
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    A fly wheel used in steam or diesel engine must have

    Alarge mass and moment of inertia
    Bsmall mass and moment of inertia
    Clarge mass and small moment of inertia
    Dlarge moment of inertia and small mass