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Write down dental formula of a child.

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Dental formula (child)=21022102×2=55×2=1010=20

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    The dental formula of man is

    Ai/2c1/1 pm 2/2m3/3=32
    Bi1/2c2/1 pm 2/2m3/3=32
    Ci1/1c1/1 pm 1/2m4/4=32
    Di2/2c1/1 pm 3/2m2/3=32
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    Which of the following correctly depicts the dental formula of a child?

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    Dental formula shwos

    AStructure of teeth
    BMonophyodont or diphyodont condition
    CNumber and type of teeth in both jaws
    DNumber and type of teeth in one half of both jaws.