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Sandhya is a successful manager at Manisons Enterprises. She has a team of twelve prople working under her. She encouraged them to set their own objectives and take decisions. She respects their opinions and supports them, so that they can perform their duties and accomplish organisational objectives. T manage and exercise effective control she uses forces within the group.
As an intelligent manager, at times, she also makes use of positive aspects of informal communication. This way, she is able to unify diverse interests and ensure that targets are net.
(a) There are many theories and styles of influencing people's behaviour. Identify the style used by Sandhya which is based on the use of authority.
(b) State two positive aspects of the communication discussed above, which Sandhya is using as an intelligent manager.

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(a) The style of leadership used by Sandhya is 'Democratic leadership'.
A democratic leader takes decisions after consultation and encourages the participation of subordinates. This leadership style is more common and popular, as it ensures achievement of goals, when they are set with the acceptance of the subordinates themselves.
A democratic leader provides freedom of thinking and listens to suggestions, grievances and opinions of the subordinates. This improves the attitude of the employees towards their jobs and the organisation, thereby increasing their morale.
The style is of mutual benefit which allows subordinates to become part of team and help leaders (seniors) to make better decisions. As shown in the figure, the leader involves subordinates in decision-making.
(b) Two positive effects of informal communication are :
(i) Prescribed lines of communication are not followed. Thus, it facilitates quick feedback and spreads information faster.
(ii) It provides a sense of belongingness and gives due respect to social and psychlogical needs.

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