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The central metal ion in the complex makes available a number of empty orbitals for the formation of co-ordinate bonds with suitable ligands. The inner d-orbitals or outer d-orbitals are involved. The empty hybrid orbitals of metal ion overlap with the filled orbitals of ligand to from metal ligand co-ordinate bonds. For co-ordination number 6 octahedral geometry and sp3,d2ord2sp2 hybridisation involved and for cordiantion number 4 tetrahedral geometry, square planar geometry and sp3.dsp2 hybridisation involved.
Type of complex formed in [Fe(H2O)6]+3 ion
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inner orbital complex


outer orbital complex


both a and b



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The correct Answer is:B

H2O s a weak field lignad, So no regrouping of electrons. Outer orbitals participate in sp3d2 hybridization.

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