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Explain IUPAC nomenclature for halosubstituted hydrocarbons.Solution in Gujrati

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Scheme :
2 prefix - 1 prefix - Rootword - 1 suffix - 2 suffix
For halosubstituted hydrocarbons :
1 suffix - ane (for |C||C|)
- ene (for >C=C<)
- yne (for CC)
Rootword Depending upon total number of carbon atom in a parent chain.
Ex. : Meth, Eth - , Prop - etc.
1 Prefix Cyclo - (for aliphatic cyclic compounds)
2 Prefix Halo - Ex. : Fluoro -, Chloro - , Bromo - , Iodo - and alkyl grops.
2 Suffix Suffix of most senior functional group (Not applicable in alkylhalides)
Examples :
The dihaloalkanes having the same type of halogen atoms are named as alklidene or alkylene dihalides.
Both halogens on adjacent carbon atom Vicinal dihalide
Both halogens on same atom Geminal dihalide
Common name of Geminal dihalides Alkylidene halides
Common name of Vicinal dihalides Alkylene dihalides
CH3CHCl2(Geminal dihalide)1,1-dichloroethane(IUPAC)Ethylidene chloride(Common name)CH2| Cl CH2| Cl (Vicinal dihalide)1,2-Dichlorethane(IUPAC)Ethylene dichloride(Common name)

Updated on:21/07/2023

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