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Let f(x) = { [x], for 2x12 , 2x21 for 12x2 and g(x)=f(|x|)+|f(x)| .Check the continuity and differentiability of g(x) in (-2, 2).

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Step by step video & image solution for Let f(x) = { [x], for -2 <= x <= -1/2 , 2x^2 -1 for -1/2 <= x <=2 and g(x) = f(|x|) + |f(x)| .Check the continuity and differentiability of g(x) in (-2, 2). by Maths experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    Let f(x)=min{x,x2}, for every xR. Then

    Af (x) is continuous for all x
    Bf (x) is diffentiable for all x
    Cf'(x)=1 for x>1
    Df (x) is not differentiable at two values of x
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    Let f(x)=x22|x|+2,x[1/2,3/2] then

    Amin f(x)=1/2x[1/2,3/2]
    Bmin f(x)=1x[1/2,3/2]
    Cmax f(x)=3/2x[1/2,3/2]
    Dnone of these
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    Let f(x)=x3/2x2+x4, then

    AL.H.D. at x=0 exists but R.D.H. at x=0 does not exist
    Bf (x) is differentiable at x =0
    CR.H.D. at x=0 exists but L.H.D. at x=0 does not exists
    DNone of these