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Ventrally and laterally, the thoracic chamber is
formed by


Diaphragm and sternum respectively


Ribs and sternum respectively


Sternum and ribs respectively


Vertebral column and diaphragm respectively

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The correct Answer is:C


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Updated on:21/07/2023

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    The thoracic cage of man is formed of

    ARibs and sternum
    BRibs, sternum and thoracic vertebrae
    CRibs , sternum, and lumbar vertebrae
    DRibs and thoracic vertebrae
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    The 5th thoracic vertebra is

    Athe region of the spinal column inferior to the sacral vertebrae
    Bthe region of the spinal column superior to the cervical vertebrae of the neck
    Cat the same level as the sternal angle
    Dinferior to the lumbar vertebrae of the lower back
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    In man the thoracic basket is composed of

    ARibs and thoracic vertebrae
    BRibs and stemum
    CRibs, sternum and vertebrae
    DRibs, sternum and thoracic vertebrae