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An electromagnetic wave travels in vacuum along z - direction : E=(E1ˆi+E2ˆj)cos(kzωt). Choose the correct options from the following : Solution in Gujrati


The associated magnetic field is given as B=1c(E1E2ˆj)cos(kzωt)


The associated magnetic field is given as B=1c(E1ˆi+E2ˆj)cos(kzωt)


The given electromagnetic field is circularly polarised.


The given electromagnetic wave is plane polarised.

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The correct Answer is:D

Electric field in electromagnetic wave,
E=(E1ˆi+E2ˆj)cos(kzωt) and
Magnetic field vector,
Thus, E and B propagate perpendicular to each other also perpendicular to direction of propagation. Hence electromagnetic waves is plane polarized.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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