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Draw a schematic diagram of a circuit consisting of a battery of 3 cells of 2V each, a combination of three resistors of 10Ω,20Ω and 30Ω connected in a parallel, a plug key and an ammeter, all connected in series. Use the circuit to find the value of the following :
(a) current through each resistor
(b) total current in the circuit.
(c ) total effective resistance of the circuit.

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The circuit diagram is drawn hare. Here B is a battery of 3 cells of 2V each i.e. having a total voltage of 6 V, three resistors R1=10Ω,R2=20Ω,R3=30Ω connected in a parallel across points P and Q a plug key K and and ammeter A all joined in series.
(a) Current through resistors, R1,I1=VR1=6V10Ω=0.6A.
Current through resistors, R2,I2VR2=6V20Ω=0.3A.
Current through resistors, R3,I3VR3=6V30Ω=0.2A.
(b) Total current in the circuit I=I1+I2+I3=0.6+0.3+0.2=1.1A
(c ) total effective resistance of the circuit, R=VI=6V1.1A=6011Ω=5.5Ω

Updated on:21/07/2023

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